Short Stories : Lovers Milan

      Hello, This blog is my own. Ok, there is a saying that states that do not know it was love. therefore, I will introduce myself in person. Ok, my name is Ucok (call for tribal Batak, North Sumatra Indonesia). My home and my birthplace in North Sumatra. Indonesia has many diverse cultures that terlimpah that it is difficult to mention it, my example as one of the examples including Batak ethnic culture and natural beauty of Indonesia has a very beautiful view of the eye that is natural and attractions including the place I was. there are various kinds of tourism diversity and alamnyayang still quite beautiful. I am indeed very proud to be a citizen of Indonesia. but one thing that is difficult to say which football sports section, I do not know very well the development of Indonesian football. if miracles and wonders that come my favorite club from Italian club AC Milan to provide instruction and techniques to teach how provide trainng ball was so beautiful

      I hope AC Milan remain at the forefront and remain victorious, I am one of the supporters of a club AC Milan from Indonesia. daydream if I could see directly into the Italian club AC Milan match play, hopefully the good entrepreneurs from Italy and even other fans who could provide an opportunity to get there and who can hear me and see while I read this to go there (ahh, this is only a dream and an expression of the liver only). 

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Short Stories : Lovers Milan
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