Will AC Milan and Angelo Ogbonna buy it receives?

AC Milan and Angelo Ogbonna
  Hello supporter AC Milan, this one again is not constantly glancing at the player who qualified in this playing football ( I am always proud to be a fan and supporter of this one club, AC Milan Italy). AC Milan player we are said to glance at one of the Italian Clubs playing in Serie B with a potentially and black, the player who was mentioned it was Angelo Ogbonna. Angelo Ogbonna is one of the Torino defender who can still be said of young players aged 23 years. Hopefully this one Torino player receives an offer that made AC Milan. As we know our favorite club players this one is desperately short of player defender and we still remember the panorama behind AC Milan was not very young anymore. AAngelo Ogbonna already glanced at pretty many is like it, especially Juventus, Napoli, Inter and even from the Spanish club, Valencia are also interested to see. This is a tough competition to get one of the players Torino. Moreover Juventus and Napoli had sent a letter to the Torino to get his atougraph In Angelo Ogbonna proclaim the minimum value of about € 16 million.
Always perform full Ogbonna impressive carry out their duties first game in eight Serie B 2011/2012, the robustness of Angelo Ogbonna in line behind a succesfull minimize the number of goal conceded four goal, the standings while is was recorded as the team that conceded the least and now these have included a list of Italian coach his name to be come one of the Italian defender. Players Nigerian descent has being trained with the Italian national team ahead of the advanced Pre- Euro 2012. Coach Cesare Prandelli, Ogbonna insert in the final moments to patch a number of core players hit by injury. Gli Azzurri for Ogbonna after June. But, until now ten stamp colectors of the Italian U-21's still have not got a chance to make his debut in the senior National Team. Congratulation Angelo ogbonna, hopefully you received an offer from AC Milan Come support to get the young players are talented and potentially....

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Will AC Milan and Angelo Ogbonna buy it receives?
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